Rewinding of low-voltage motors

A defective winding of a motor frequently means a system failure and production losses.
In many cases a rewinding of the motors offers an economical attractive alternative
compared with the delivery of a new motor. Often time is playing an important
role relating to essential engines. Sometimes electric motors may have long delivery
Of course we are there for you and assist you so that you can resume system operation within a very short space of time. A major advantage of the rewinding is the usage of latest insulation materials and enamelled wires.
Weak points can be cleared with the insulation reinstatement making the new winding
more robust and resistant than before.

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  • Manfacturer independent

  • 3-phase motors

  • Submersible pump motors

  • DC motors

  • DC rotors

  • Induction coils

  • Solenoid coils