Small cause, great effect

Pitch controls adjust the rotor blades of wind turbines to control the power output, to use the wind power in the most efficient way and to protect the rotor blades at strong breeze against overload. The systems enable the control of the rotation speed and consequently the energy generation. In general these are DC-motors with flange-mounted gear, tachometer, absolute encoder and motor brake. All drive components are installed within the hub. The motors adjust the blades by 5 to 10° each second. Furthermore they are used as brake while the rotor blades are turned into the wind.

Each deviation from the optimal working conditions at that time results in an efficiency loss and consequently to a smaller output.


EundA is in a position to maintain preventively many pitch drives and to repair them in an economical manner. A cost intensive replacement procurement is not required.


Scope of Service:

  • Replacement of bearings
  • Intense and careful cleaning of the winding
  • Renewal of the wear parts
  • Repair of worn bearing seats and sealing seats
  • Repair of the pinions of the motor shaft
  • Reworking of the collector
  • Customer-specific testings and electrical measurings


EundA, we take care of and arrange disposability!

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