100 years E+A and it is still going on …

Only in April 2019 the company E+A Elektrotechnik und Aggregatebau Betriebsgesellschaft mbH

celebrated its centennial company anniversary and now it is continued with new proprietors.

As per July 31, 2019 the former managing partners resigned for reasons of age and

handed the enterprise to new proprietors being members of the own management.

In addition Mr. Torsten Campen entered the management as a further proprietor.

As from August 1, 2019 the Messrs. Torsten Campen, Carsten Gernhoff, Christian Quell,

Oliver Rösner and Eike Ullrich are new share holders.

The management of the company and executive board is represented by Mr. Campen

and Mr. Gernhoff.


The new proprietors are pleased to continue the business of the Bremerhaven heritage

company and will face the new tasks and challenges so that you could rely as usual on

the qualified service of our experienced and skilled team and we could stay active and

successful on the market.

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