E+A gets a new and modern logo

From today on we start with a new logo being at the same time the starting signal for our

new representation. It is not just a change only to change something. A change belongs

to the life but of course this is not a sufficient reason to modify the logo. On the other hand

it is really time to think about such changes if such a logo does not fulfil its desired function

anymore. A plain logo with the known recognition factor is much more suitable.


We think that it shows a more plain shape forming, is more developed but nevertheless

communicates what was formerly shown in the original. The new logo is also a development

which namely can be better scaled and even functions in many contexts. And what is more

important: it is designed by ourselves!


Within the next months we will adapt it in our website and advertising.

We are and we remain E+A but more uniform and more modern.


Shortly said: We have modified our logo.

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